Andy Mudd

internal threats


When considering IT threats to your business many articles focus on hackers, viruses, and attacks from external threats.  These dangers are real, constant, and easily identifiable.  In many cases, however, the largest threat to a firm comes from inside the business itself. People inside the firm often pose the largest single ... Read More


Very few things in life are as intensely frustrating as slow network speeds. Whether accessing a shared database, sharing files between computers, or sending a file to print; waiting for transfers can seem to take an eternity.  Worse still, these business breaks can keep both clients and staff waiting and ... Read More


If your hard drive is going bad, chances are strange things are happening and you’re a little panicked. It’s where you put your digital memories, your household files and maybe that thesis you’ve been working on for months. As far as you’re concerned, that hard drive IS the computer and ... Read More


With the crazy weather we’re seeing, natural disasters on the rise and cyber terrorism echoing for years, it’s not a case of ‘if’ a disaster will strike your business, but ‘when’. Surprisingly, it’s not the scope and scale of the event that influences how deeply your business is impacted, it’s ... Read More